18. Sep, 2018

The Oklahoma Cyclone In Tamil Pdf Download

The Oklahoma Cyclone In Tamil Pdf Download >>> DOWNLOAD

A cowboy looking for his missing father, poses as an outlaw and joins the gang he thinks is responsible.

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original title: The Oklahoma Cyclone

genge: Action,Comedy,Music,Romance,Western

duration: 1h 6min

keywords: cowboyintightpants, cowboyhorserelationship, heldatgunpoint, bankrobbery, crookedforeman

















































A cowboy looking for his missing father, poses as an outlaw and joins the gang he thinks is responsible. In 1936, director/writer John P. McCarthy would recycle this film again in Tex Ritter's first starring western "Song of the Gringo." Here, feigning flight from the law,Jimmy Henderson (Rita Rey)), daughter of ranch owner Dan Pablo Carlos (Fred Burns),Jim's father and the discovery of whose whereabouts was Jim's reason for joining the gang. " head="" him="" off="" at="" the="" pass"="" -="" probably="" the="" first="" time="" those="" words="" were="" spoken="" in="" a="">

Many of Bob Steele's films seemed to be about missing fathers and separated brothers etc. In this film he plays Jim Smith, who poses as The Oklahoma Cyclone and rides into town to escape a posse. With Charles Kng playing the sheriff, you know he has something to hide and from his reaction to a Wanted poster for "The Black Dialbo", you get the feeling that's who he is!!

"I'm swaying like a drunken female" - one of the "witty" quotes.

There is not much cyclone about Smith - more like a gentle breeze - he seems to spend a lot of time singing and romancing Carmelita (Rita Rey) who also sings as well!!!! There is not much information on the lovely Rita Rey. Her filmography lists only 3 films. She may have been one of the many South American actresses who came looking for fame - hoping to be the next Lupe Velez!!! In this film although she plays the Mexican heroine, Carmelita, her accent is hard to understand - maybe that was the problem. In 1946 she was part of a group of actors that participated in Mexico's first experimental TV station.

Smith also learns, through his pal Slim (Al St John, an old Mack Sennett comedian) that the Black Diablo is planning a raid south of the border. Smith goes with them, knowing his father is being held prisoner by them down there. Oddly enough instead of ending with a romantic clinche, the film ends with Smith cradling his dying pal, Slim, in his arms.

Not recommended. Outrunning a posse is cowpoke Jim Smith(Bob Steele), also known as the Oklahoma Cyclone. He takes refuge in an outlaw hideout run by the Black Diablo(Charles King), who is suspected of holding Smith's father hostage. Pretending to be an outlaw himself, the Oklahoma Cyclone romances and sings to a charming Mexican girl(Rita Rey). Good thing he shoots better than he sings. When Black Diablo decides to make a raid across the border, Smith goes along thinking that is where his father is being held captive. A grainy black and white dusty rootin' tootin' cowboy flick fun to watch. Also in the cast: Al St. John and Cliff Lyons.


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