18. Sep, 2018

Death Rides The Range Full Movie In Hindi 720p

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This film finds Ken Baxter and his two pals, Pancho and Panhandle, finding Professor Wahl, injured and wandering on the range. They take him to Blue Mesa Trading Post, where two ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


































This film finds Ken Baxter and his two pals, Pancho and Panhandle, finding Professor Wahl, injured and wandering on the range. They take him to Blue Mesa Trading Post, where two archaeologists, Dr. Floto and Baron Starkoff, foreign government representatives, are staying. Both want to secure control of a supply of helium gas found in an ancient Indian cave. Wahl, working for the Federal Government, is murder at the Blue Mesa. The land strip on which the cave is located is claimed by Letty and Jim Morgan, brother and sister owners of the Lazy Y Ranch. Tin Cup Ranch owner Joe Larkin hires Ken to take possession of a cabin on the Morgan land in order to gain title. Ken, an undercover G-Man, discovers a secret passageway from the cabin that leads to the cave and discovers the helium, and also that Larkin is working with Starkoff. Unknown to the Morgan's, a secret mine on their ranch contains helium. Larkin knows of the helium and is after the ranch so he can sell the helium to foreign agent Strakoff. Ken finds the mine and the helium and sets out to help the Morgans. Handsome Ken Maynard and his band if two merry sidekicks get up to their cowboy hats in this apparent modern B western which deals with the discovery of helium on a local ranch and a murder that results. Several interested parties express their interest to make themselves buyers of the ranch, and have motives that don't seem quite right. When the property owner refuses to sell, those after the helium begin to get aggressive, and this puts the rancher and his pretty niece (Fay McKenzie) in jeopardy. Of the two sidekicks, Julian Rivero is the most showy, with his happy braggart personality actually more endearing than obnoxious. But, it's pretty predictable and coarsely made. A bit of action helps, and at under an hour, it's a minor distraction. All right, already. Over and over again, like a broken record, it is penned that this is a low budget flick, that Ken Maynard was at the tail end of his career, etc., etc.

I enjoyed this movie, thoroughly and, although I had seen very few Ken Maynard flicks, it made me want to see more. The guy was part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, was in the Army in WW1, played several instruments, sang, made records, was a rodeo performer - so - there was nothing phony about his ridin' and fightin'.

He may not look much like a western movie hero, but he acted like one. His last few years were disgustingly sad - same old story - liquor was the villain he could not fight.

There are beaucoup well-done fight scenes in this movie. At one point, he missed and fell back adding to the realism.

Adding to the enjoyment of this movie were some short scenes of funny stuff. I especially enjoyed his initial proposal to Fay McKenzie. I know nothing of her but would like to see her again and again - cute and perky.

This movie has not one but two sidekicks and they play really well as partners, and as Maynard's fascinating friends. Ralph Peters and Julian Rivero.

The plot ain't bad, some of it all too familiar, but all it well played out. Especially fascinating was the tall, blonde Swede, Sven Hugo Borg.

One more thing. Trigger was billed as the smartest horse in the movies. Negative. He never picked up his boss's hat and brought it to him, and he never untied ropes that bound Roy. Smartest horse honors go to --- ta-da --- Tarzan.

If you can find this movie, grab it --- guaranteed enjoyment.


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